Catch And Release

Was the fish you caught today a gift from a previous fisherman?

Catch and Release is an important part of recreational fishing. The survival of a released fish is dependent on the angler and the handling of the fish.

Releasing a fish...

1. Land the fish quickly; do not let the fish become exhausted.

2. Try to touch it as little as possible. If it is necessary, wet your hand first. If possible, do it in the water while it rests on the palm of your hand without pressing it.

3. Do not touch its gills or eyes.

4. Use a barbless hook. Rotate the hook with a small pair of pliers when you extract it.

5. If you cannot easily remove the hook, cut the line near the mouth of the fish. Do not pull the hook!

6. If the fish is tired, hold it facing into the current and move it gently back and forth in so that fresh water flows through its gills.

7. Handle the fish gently. Do not hit it or throw it into the water. Always let the fish escape by its own means after recovering.

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