EDTU Best Website


You may not realize it, but the Elliott Donnelley Chapter is the recipient of this year's National TU Best Website Award. And it's a well deserved honor.

Several years ago, the leadership of your chapter (Bill Wobbekind, Doug Conover, and Kent Carlson) decided it would be wise to find a better, more economical means to communicate. The first attempt was laudable in intent, but lacked something in execution and ease of navigation. They got their heads together and found Bill Garvey and persuaded him to get involved with developing the current website.

The current Website, was designed from the ground up utilizing a set of criteria defined by the leadership. The goal was to put a positive face on the chapter and provide a highly functional website to support the membership. It is just that.

Check it out and you'll see:

• An up-to date calendar of events with on-line signup
• Conservation oriented and general interest oriented articles focusing on local and national interests
• An active membership list with the ability to send emails to members. Members may opt out of being listed
• Ability to add personal articles or photos to the Website
• A large list of links to fishing related Websites
• A brief history of Elliott Donnelley and a description of the chapter
• The ability of any chapter Officer to update the website and do mass mailings when necessary
• A photo gallery
• A "what's up" home page showing the most current events, recent newsletter, call to join TU
• The ability to RSVP for dinners and/or sign up chapter outings.

Many of you have already taken advantage of this Website and found it useful and attractive. You'll be glad you did and happy that there were folks who cared enough to put in all the hard work to make this a reality.