Blue River Restoration Project

We are again working on the Blue River. The 2006 Blue River Restoration Project is the third of several annual projects that aim to restore the upper reaches of the Blue River. The work will be done on the center half of the stream between Snowbottom and Bluff roads. The previous two years we restored 5600 feet of stream above County I north of Montfort, WI. This year’s work is about a mile from the previous work. The Blue River in Southwest Wisconsin’s Driftless region is a significant cold-water resource that holds the potential to become a premier fishery. The Blue River is one of the region’s larger streams.

The Harry & Laura Nohr Chapter, in cooperation with other TU chapters, the Wisconsin DNR, the Grant County Land Conservation Department, and Mr. Adametz (land owner), propose to restore and/or enhance about 4,200 feet of the upper Blue River. Restoration efforts will:

• Promote natural trout reproduction, increase trout numbers
• Reduce erosion and siltation, and affect an esthetically pleasing riparian zone.
• Reinforce the Nohr Chapters cooperative relationship with other TU chapters and other interested organizations by involving as many of them as their interests allow.
• Continue building a productive relationship between TU and various federal, state and local agencies by involving them in a cooperative manner.
• Engage more members in TU activities by providing a wider range of activities in which they can participate.

We expect to have funds of about $38,000 coming from other TU chapters and county resources. We will also have non-monetary contributions from the following sources:

• Volunteers from various TU chapters
• Volunteers from other interested organizations
• Professionals from the DNR conducting pre- and post-project stream assessments
• County personnel contributing in-kind assistance

Project activities and outcomes will be presented to local organizations, participating chapters, and the State TU Council of Wisconsin. News releases will be made available to targeted media sources. Others who may be involved, but not limited to, are:
• Elliott Donnelley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Illinois
• Oakbrook Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Illinois
• Lee Wulff Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Illinois
• Gary Borger Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Illinois
• Blackhawk Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Wisconsin
• Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Wisconsin
• Wisconsin Friends Fund, Wisconsin TU Council
• Dubuque Fly Fishers, Dubuque, Iowa
• Badger Fly Fishers

The plan calls for:

Tapering banks and armoring them with rock
Creating weirs to narrow the flow and create holes
Using root wads to create structure
Build and install 21 bank hides
Remove trees from 2200 feet of bank
Seed and mulch disturbed soil
Install cattle crossings to minimize cattle impact
The following is our present budget estimate:

Office 170.00
Sign 150.00
Misc., Tools, Fencing 300.00
Cribs 1,800.00
Rock 14,000.00
Contractor - stream 40,000.00
Contractor – trees 6,000.00
Seed & Mulch 1,100.00

Total 63,520.00

As a follow up to our stream work we have interns from UW Platteville study the stream and determine what the impacts have been. For further specific information on the monitoring information see our web site:

We presently have $1000 from the Green Bay Chapter and have committed a bit over $30,000 from chapter funds, the Spring Creek Festival we held last September and an art fair late last year. We are hoping you can contribute again this year.

We have one workday scheduled. This will be on Big Spring. Work on the Blue is limited to an evening making about 10 cribs, as we only need 21 and have 11 from last year. This workday will be on March 11, 2006. We will be cutting willow shoots and applying stump killer. Many hands are needed, many pruning loppers too. See our web site for further information.