Top Signs the Fly-Fishing Apocalypse Is upon us!

American Angler May 06

1. Dick Vitale is hired to host Fly-Fishing Survivor: Big Horn River.

2. Hollywood Celebrities complete the acquisition of south western Montana, turn their eyes on Wyoming and Idaho.

3. THe national guide-to-client ratio finally reaches 1:1.

4. Bill Dance takes over the Walker's Cay Chronicles.

5. Two words: Designer breatheables.

6. Hordes of teenyboppers take up the sport, following the runaway success of MTV's "Pimp My Drift boat."

7. The Micro-Nano, the world's first subatomic fly rod, debuts at the FFR Show.

8. Lefty gets tangled in his own backcast, Dick Talleur loses the ability to dub, and Bill Tapply starts an article with the sentence "Well, dude, we were, like, you know, fishing this one time, and we, like, got totally bored and, like, whatever."

9. A River Runs through it becomes a Broadway musical starring Nathan Lane.

10. Cortland introduces the 666 series of fly lines.