Letter to the Editor, Trout Magazine

Doug Conover

Dear Ms. Duris:

In his article on stream access in the Summer 2007 issue of Trout, Chairman of the Board Robert J. Tuefel opens with the rhetorical question, "Can you imagine anything more frustrating than finding a new ‘No Trespassing’ sign blocking your access to a favorite stream?"

Without much imagination at all, I can think of one scenario in particular that would be infinitely more frustrating: planning a stream restoration project with my fellow TU chapter members over the course of several months, then coordinating the efforts of several other area TU chapters to assist with the project; planning and executing raffles, annual dinners, and soliciting private donations, writing grants for public and private support, all to pay for the project; obtaining bids (or in-kind donations) from local contractors for equipment, rocks, timber, and other material to be provided to the project; planning and coordinating the volunteer assistance to design the restoration, then building lunker structures and doing the in-stream work; writing checks to all the suppliers; sending thank you letters to all who donated and worked to complete the project; seeing fish return to the newly-restored habitat, then finding a "No Trespassing" sign the first opportunity I had to fish the stream.

Can I imagine anything even more frustrating than that? How about seeing a TU trustee fishing the stream at the invitation of the private landowner as I watched from the bridge?