My First Colorado Trout

Mike Miller

My Denver move went so much like clockwork I was able to tour the North Park Fishing Club (see ), Friday afternoon and Saturday….hadn’t expected to be done moving in until Sunday. My goods arrived 5 minutes after walking in to my apartment….how’s that for precision timing?

I thought you would appreciate the attached photo of the first trout I caught in Colorado….on my 6th cast.

The head guide from North Park, took me to one of their lakes just to show me their Stillwater fishing, even though I said I was only interested in river venues. He forgot his vest but did have a rod (all my gear was in town in my car) and asked if I wanted to cast a few, but he only had one fly lying around his truck….an orange, cone-head wooly bugger with flash. We tied it on and, after the sixth cast, I was in to this pig of a rainbow. I brought it quickly to shore and he waded in (wearing shoes and pants) to net this 13 pound rainbow hen! She was 31-32” in length and, apparently, earned me the record catch of the season for the entire club! What a way to make introductions to NPFC. She was taken off the point in Upper Timmons Lake, see 2nd photo (UpperTimmonsLake.jpg).

Later that same day (Friday afternoon), we went to another of their lakes and I hooked a fish which felt at least as big, but we never got a look. While setting the hook, the fish turned and took off….breaking the guide’s St Croix rod a foot up from the cork handle….just exploded in my face and I was left holding 2 pieces of rod, 1 in each hand! In the second or so it took he & I to realize what had happened, the fish spit the barbless hook so it was too late to hand-line the fish to shore. Win some, lose some.

Managed to pick up 3-4 smaller (up to 2 lbs) ones (browns, bows) in the 15 minutes we fished this second lake and then a few others while fishing on my own later that same day. I fished a small stream behind one of their lodges and was treated to this wonderful sunset (see CaliforniaRiverSunset.jpg), ending a great introduction to NPFC. The next day I saw their other waters, tried to find fish during an approaching storm (without luck) but was rewarded with the River Keeper’s “invitation” to join their club. I will be only their 15th in-state member and total membership’s capped at 75.

Would be great to have an oppty to show you the water….when you’re next in Denver.

Start work tomorrow, hopefully after my Red Sox pull victory from defeat and join the Colorado Rockies in the World Series.

All the best….will send my work contact details once I receive them next week.

Mike Miller