Trout in the Pet Shop


For the past three years our Youth Education Chairmen Mike Jacobs has successfully executed our Trout in Classroom project. It has been noticed by local publications like Wilmette Life, Winnetka Talk and the Chicago Tribune. The Earth Day release celebration has been attended by the Superintendent of Schools and a State Congressmen. Everyone who takes the time to see what's involved concludes that the science and environmental lessons in the curriculum are an excellent hands on learning experience for the children.

This program needs attention and dedication from school administrators, teachers and parent volunteers. There is also significant start up expense for the tank and cooling equipment. For these reasons we have had a tough time expanding our program to other schools and the excitement is dwindling at our existing location.

It seems Mike has pulled another rabbit out of his hat and brought us "Trout in the Pet Shop." The local pet shop (Wilmette Pet) has been an important partner in our program and now they have stepped up to provide a place for the tank and professional up keep. Now the kids can learn the lessons and see the fish with less commitment and distraction at the school. It is also available to other schools to participate at any level of involvement and no need for us to purchase additional equipment. Way to go Mike! Click the link below to see, "Trout in the Pet Shop."