Trout Streams Threatened in Wisconsin: Please help

Alistair Stewart


Dear Mary,

I write to you from Chicago.

The subject of my correspondence to you is the proposed Richfield Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO).

Recently I learned of the proposed Richfield CAFO, just over the County line in Adams County. The potential environmental degradations caused by such a large facility in an area recognized for its environmental significance and sensitivity concern me greatly. The planned water resource impacts alone are staggering and frightening.

CAFO's of the proposed size generate toxic waste products in quantities comparable to those of some cities but, unlike cities, are largely unregulated and are prone to accidents causing environmental catastrophes. I fear that if the planned CAFO is given the go-ahead, built and operated, its adverse effects will be significant and very likely irreversible. I am very concerned that Richfield Dairy's economic promises are overly optimistic, and will garner more support than they may truly merit. I believe the associated risks will get inadequate attention in the debate. Time and again in situations like this, the public winds up suffering and paying the price when something goes wrong.

Based on the information available to me, I strongly oppose the proposed Richfield CAFO. I serve as the Conservation Co-Chair of the Chicago-based Elliott Donnelly chapter of Trout Unlimited (EDTU); many EDTU members regularly visit the area throughout the year, and some own property nearby. EDTU strongly opposes the proposed Richfield CAFO. I also serve as a Director of the Central Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited (CWTU); many CWTU members have also expressed their strong opposition to the proposed Richfield CAFO.

I urge your paper and its readers to fully inform themselves on this topic so they, too, may reach their own conclusions about the severe and adverse environmental impacts likely to be caused by the proposed CAFO. Your readers may wish to give voice to their opinions at the public meetings to be held on the proposed Richfield CAFO, starting at noon on July 18th, at the Adams County Community Center, 569 North Cedar Street, Adams, WI 53910.

Further information is available here:,

Kind Regards,

Alistair Stewart