Sand County Trip

Friday, May 16, 2014 to Saturday, May 17, 2014

This annual trip combines stream work and fishing. The area is home to the Mecan, White, Pine and several other world class streams. We get the opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with the Central Wisconsin TU chapter and Wi DNR personnel, then go fishing with chapter members in some of their favorite spots. Don't miss this chance to work alongside some of the most committed and resourceful WDNR folks you'll ever meet. This area is renowned for its Hex hatch so this trip is a good opportunity to gather intelligence for later in the season. Fish here are not pushovers, one fishes Central Wi to regain perspective after 30+ fish days over in Southwest Wisconsin.

This year's workday will be on the mysterious and highly productive Chaffee. This spawning tributary and feeder to the Mecan runs fabulously cold throughout summer, and its many deep, dark corners and holes are home to trophy browns. The upper reaches contain a very rare population of naturally reproducing rainbows that run into at least the teens. Learn a little of this jewel's secrets and charms from the DNR experts who spend many days on it and in it each year. The nearby N & S branches of the often-overlooked Wedde are equally delightful, cold and productive, and are highly meritorious of inquiry & exploration in May.

2014 MASTERCLASS - Fish with Heroic Spirits
Many EDTU members have previously enjoyed the challenge of the Sand County cricks.
Everyone has likely had great fishing, with the catching being perhaps rarer. On Saturday afternoon this year I will hold a very special masterclass on productive flies, techniques and locations that have been revealed to me over the years by CWTU members you may have heard of but may have never met, and unfortunately never will in this lifetime. These men, sung and unsung heroes of trout stream conservation, are now fishing around the bend. Spend some time with the gracefully kind spirits of Gene West, Bob Hunt, Tom Sopkovich, and others, in a few of their favorite spots, with their favorite patterns and techniques. All are welcome to submit their names, and ONE will be randomly picked. The winner should expect to spend as much time as possible astream, and may wish to adjust his or her feeding and watering arrangements on Saturday afternoon/evening accordingly.

For those not fishing with Heroic Spirits,
We will get together again for a CWTU-provided gourmet dinner on the banks of a private section of the Pine River.
We stay 2 nights in Wautoma, WI at the famously cozy Sylvercryst Lodge, on the banks of Silver Lake..
This has been a very rewarding weekend for many EDTU chapter members.
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