Former EDTU President is a Successful Swinger

Bill Wobbekind former EDTU president, current chairman of the conservation committee and fisherman extraordinaire landed this monster 14lb steelhead swinging flies in Michigan. Seems all those years of taking care of our fish are now taking care of you....well deserved and nicely done!

Fishing in the Land of the Long White Cloud

“STOP!!!!!” I crouched down to a painful knee-bending squat, trying to hide my profile in amongst the very low surrounding bushes. “Do you see him?” asked my fishing buddy Tommo. Together, we have found ourselves in this position time and time again on many a river. I scan the crystal clear river below. A narrow strip of blue tucked into a gorge, you could almost jump across the river. Peering out from the bushes, high a top my side of the steep, I look down for any sign of fish: a dark shadow, an unnatural movement, a flick of a tail, a flash of a side.

Greetings from Mart Owens

(Jim Coursey: I’m sure most of you remember chapter member Marty Owens. Marty was active in the chapter and becoming more active when employment dragged him to the great northwest. Recently Marty sent me the following e-mail)

Must be great to be in Chicago today with the White Sox winning the World Series last night. My wife and I didn't miss a minute of any of the series, and we watched the WGN coverage of Chicago after the game. It's been too long since a World Series was celebrated in Chicago!

Fly Fishing for Michigan Chinook Salmon

Think you can handle a twenty pound salmon while only using six pound tippet? Ever see your backing while using an eight or nine weight rod, on a Michigan Trout stream? Sound exciting? Fly fishing on the Manistee, Pere Marquette, Muskegon and a number of smaller rivers on the West Side of the Michigan Lower Peninsula offer this excitement during September and early October. This is when Salmon from the Great Lakes invade our rivers.

Fly Fishing the Catskill Mountains

As another trout fishing season has concluded for most of us in EDTU, I am sure everyone has had a memorable fishing trip this season to last until the next memorable trip, or even longer. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to contribute an article on a trip that was most memorable for me this year.


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